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The soaps made ​​INTERCORP, S.A. are made with natural extracts, moisturizing and nourishing properties that make a significant change on the skin, while cares and protects it.

The properties used on them are products used from ancient times to nowadays for the human care. As the story says, Cleopatra used to take baths on milk to keep her skin young and smooth. Similary, it is an ingredient used on beauty products for its softening and moisturizing properties.

At the same way, Aloe has been used since ancient times by greeks, romans, egyptians and hindues, because of its medicinal effects was used to make homemade remedies; also was used by soldiers to inhibit pain and cover wounds of soldiers at war. It is a widely used plant for aesthetic and healing products. It is also used by NASA, because it absorbes 90% of the toxicity produced by materials they use, such as PVC, fiberglass, paint, etc.